IMF with enhanced shelf life

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10 February 2021

IMF with enhanced shelf life

A customized antioxidant system to increase shelf life by 50% for a specific oil blend.

Vitablend improves the stability of infant milk formulas to oxidation through the use of synergistic tocopherol-ascorbyl palmitate blends that are easily dosed into the oil blend prior to spray drying.



Customer need:
To supply a dry infant formula product with enhanced shelf life.

Tailor-made solution Vitablend:
Vitablend identified that the cause of short shelf life in the formula was a result of the oil blend used. Vitablend recommended an antioxidant blend containing ascorbyl palmitate, natural tocopherols, and lecithin emulsifier in accordance with legislation to enhance shelf life. A 50% increase in shelf life was achieved over the unstabilized formula.


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The uniqueness of the solution:
Vitablend was supplied with the oil blend used in the formula. We evaluated various antioxidants on the bench using the Rancimat apparatus. This allowed preliminary identification of the most suitable antioxidant. The customer then ran trials using the oil blend stabilized with Vitablend antioxidant and supplied finished dry formula powder samples for us to shelf-life test. In our Antioxidant laboratory, we subjected the samples to accelerated “Oxipres” analysis at various temperatures to predict overall formula shelf life at ambient temperatures. We were able to demonstrate a significant improvement in the shelf life of the finished formula when Vitablend stabilized oil blends were used.