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Improve and shape the nutritional profile of food with customized fortification solutions

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Your flexible partner for fortification

At Vitablend, we are convinced that food fortification and enrichment can help improve the health status of the global population. Vitablend provides innovative nutritional premixes, micro-encapsulated powders, and customized spray-dried nutritional systems for the fortification of food products using vitamins, minerals, nucleotides, amino-acids, fibers, LC PUFA and other functional ingredients. In contrast to large multinationals, we are a highly flexible company with innovation as one of our key pillars, so we are able to dramatically shorten your time-to-market with tailored solutions in a co-creation process that we undertake together with you.

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Why use Vitablend Nutritional Systems?

Vitablend develops tailor-made nutritional systems and spray-dried, micro-encapsulated powders or premixes that meet specific customer demands.

Vitablend uses flexible state-of-the-art technology, enabling rapid development and small-batch production.

Vitablend’s dedicated team of experts can support and accompany you throughout your complete product development process.

Vitablend Nutritional Systems are produced using monitored procedures and the highest quality standards.

Vitablend’s flexibility provides you with the possibility to choose between a wide variety of final packaging formats.

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Nutritional systems offer everything you are looking for

Well-balanced solutions

We create the right balance of metabolically active nutrients and compounds to ensure that stability, taste, color, and texture are maintained in the final product.

Fast time-to-market

Do you need to move from request to trial, validation, and production in only a few months’ time? We can make it happen with development, testing, and production under one roof, and one dedicated contact for you.

Meeting the highest expectations

We produce in a fully tracked and traced pharma-grade clean-room environment to meet applications with the highest expectations, such as infant nutrition and clinical nutrition.

The complete range of Nutritional systems

Nutritional Premixes in powder or
liquid form

Containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and many other micro-nutrients.

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Micro-encapsulated Omega 3 and Omega 6 powders

Such as Marine DHA and EPA, Algal DHA, ARA.

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Customized spray-dried nutritional system

Including fat, carbohydrates and proteins.

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