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At Vitablend, we are constantly and proactively developing new Nutritional Solutions and Antioxidant Systems to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Another large part of our business is co-creation. Many manufacturers – from multinationals to regional champions – have highly specific demands, ranging from the need for support on specific tasks in the development process, up to the fully outsourced development of a new blend or product. Our technologists and experts are ready for all your challenges: We innovate, develop, evaluate, test, and produce. Collaborate with us for the next generation of nutritional solutions and antioxidant systems.

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Shorter time-to-market

Your internal development or production capacities are partly or fully utilized, so you cannot meet your deadlines. We can support you with our teams and facilities.

Global and
local ideas

You want to develop new products for existing or new markets. You want to start with a blank page or you already have an initial idea. We can assist you from ideation to production.


You need to replace a proven solution due to new regulations. We can develop, benchmark, and produce a custom solution for you, matched to your production process.

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Inspiration and innovation

Do you see an unique business opportunity? Are you looking for inspiration, because you want to differentiate your brand offerings? Do you want to enter a new market? Our experts in Europa, Asia, and America are waiting for your request!

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Product development

You have new products in your pipeline that need state-of-the-art nutritional values, a longer shelf-life, a combination of both, and/or a cleaner label? We can support you at any point in the formulation and recipe development process.

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Test marketing

Before you enter a market, it is a good idea to test (several) versions of a product. We can help you to make the right products in the right small volumes to test-market your innovation at low-cost.

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Large-and small-scale production

Are some of your markets huge, and some niches? We happily serve both. Our flexible production facilities are ready for every project.

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What is co-creation?

Co-creation is a cooperative and collaborative approach to develop products together with a customer. The aim is to create better value for the customers: Customers know best what they really want or need. In a B2B world, they know their end-consumers and the competition very well. On the other hand, the developing company – the supplier or solution provider – has the people, the experience, the know-how, and the technology to produce the desired product.

In a co-creation process, both solution provider and customer temporarily team-up and contribute their knowledge, their insights, and their facilities.
Co-creation rapidly shortens the time-to-market. It links the demand and the supply side at the right time, creating synergies.

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