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Natural antioxidants to protect cosmetics from oxidation

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Natural antioxidants to protect cosmetics from oxidation

Protecting, hydrating, and repairing skin, scalp, and hair, requires active ingredients that perform perfectly, over their entire shelf-life and/or the complete period after opening. When complex lipids are involved, oxidation is the fundamental challenge. With Vitablend’s natural Antioxidant systems for personal care, you can counteract the known effects of oxidation, such as unwanted odors, discoloration, and loss of function, replace synthetic antioxidants, and optimize or create outstanding products that your customers will love.

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Offerings for all market trends

Natural cosmetics

Natural, vegan, and/or organic, or any combination. We offer solutions to support your clean-label strategy.

Clean-label baby care

Vitablend provides natural solutions to maintain the quality of oil-based formulations, protecting baby creams from oxidation.


True beauty comes from within. In dietary supplements, we can protect any oils (e.g. algae, fish oils) from oxidation (EPA, DHA…).


Together with our Personal Care colleagues at Barentz, we support you in the creation of innovative formulations that combine skincare and cosmetics in single products.

Anti-ageing creams

Protect extremely complex formulations and matrixes of polyunsaturated fatty acid oils against oxidation and the pro-oxidative effect of some compounds, to maintain their properties.


Respond to turbulent times with cost-in-use optimized formulations. Use the synergy between the different active compounds.

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Personal Care Solutions Highlights

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Replacing synthetic antioxidants

Skin Care

Our natural solutions replace synthetic antioxidants, and at the same time, help improve stability and organoleptic properties. Ask for synergistic solutions that offer longer shelf life, improved cost-in-use, and clean-labels.

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Protecting complex blends

Hair Care – Essential oils

Complex blends of polyunsaturated fatty acid oils, e.g., in hair oils, are prone to oxidation. We offer specific antioxidant systems, e.g. with Tocopherols, to increase stability and shelf-life for clean-label products.

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Protecting vegetable oils


Fighting oxidation in vegetable oils through the use of natural compounds will enable you to offer your customers natural, clean-label products. We offer tailored Antioxidant Systems and natural solutions to replace synthetic options that are applicable from everyday creams up to the most sophisticated anti-ageing treatments.

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Protecting complex lipid phase

Baby Care

Succeeding in the Baby Care segment is highly demanding in terms of formulations and customer expectations. Our special Antioxidant Systems protect complex lipid phase from oxidation and stop pro-oxidative compounds from action.

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Innovate Faster

Use our synergistic expertise in antioxidants, nutrients, and formulation development to rapidly create innovations that let your brand shine.

Attractive labelling

We offer raw materials for COSMOS-standard cosmetics, identity-preserved and non-GM Antioxidant- and Nutritional systems.

Eco certificate





Flexible production

From small test-market batches to global roll-out: We can support you with blending, spray-drying, and micro-encapsulation facilities on three continents.

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Nutritional systems

Nutrient premixes and Spray-dried formulations. Dedicated to your most delicate application....

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Antioxidant systems

Natural and synthetic, in liquid or powder formulations. Customized and with tested performance....

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