Antioxidant systems

Effective control of oxidation to protect food, feed, and personal care products.

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Discover the full potential of antioxidants

All food, feed, and personal care products containing fats or oils are subject to oxidation. Antioxidants delay this damaging process and improve the product’s shelf-life and nutritional integrity. Vitablend formulates perfect antioxidant systems, in which science, experience, and innovation play a vital role. Vitablend antioxidants provide trust for all aspects of human and animal nutrition and in personal care.


Functionality for your application

Nutrient stability

Flavor stability

Color stability

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Why use Vitablend Antioxidant Systems?

Vitablend’s extensive experience enables us to rapidly and cost-effectively design customer- and application-specific antioxidant systems. All systems come with years of proven capability, a wealth of expertise, and on-going technical support for all our customers.

Comprehensive range:
Vitablend covers it with either natural or traditional systems or synergistic hybrids. All solutions are available in both powder or liquid formats, as well as providing systems with water and oil solubility to suit all application processes and the cost-efficiency you require.

Quality process:
Vitablend only employs high-quality production standards throughout the whole of its operations relating to our high-care consumer needs. No matter what the application, our standards operate at the highest levels for you.

Confidence and security:
All our antioxidant systems result from a rigorous approach in the development process, assuring compatibility and efficacy of our systems in your application – giving you the confidence and security for shelf-life protection.

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Standard and customized blends with proven performance

Vitablend offers a proven range of application products with the experience to develop specific tailor-made systems for customers to match exacting requirements. All systems are developed with high regard to optimal cost-performance, process considerations, and local regulations.

Our dedicated antioxidant R&D facility enables extensive performance testing to provide shelf-life estimations on applications, as well as performance challenging to our continual developments in antioxidant systems.

The development process: part passion and 100% science


  • Application; understanding the client’s process.
  • How can we apply the antioxidant?
  • What is the production process and how might this affect the choice of system used?
  • What labelling requirements are to be met?
  • What are the regional /local regulations?

Test & iterate

  • Develop and test the antioxidant system.
  • Analyze the performance under laboratory-controlled conditions using approved methods.
  • Stress-test the finished product.
  • Optimize the antioxidant system, as necessary.

Apply & iterate

  • Apply the Antioxidant System in a real process after careful evaluation.
  • Gain feedback and adjust if required.

Vitablend Antioxidant Analytical Laboratory: Vit Assurance

  • All analytical tests are performed to the highest standards using the latest validated methods.
  • Some unique techniques are required depending upon the end-application.
  • All techniques employed use internal standards and official methods to ensure accuracy, validity and precision.
  • The laboratory is equipped to cover analysis of all types of feeds, oils, fats and solid food, feed or personal care matrices.
  • Analytical methods and performance testing utilizes a wide range of accelerated techniques, such as: e.g. Rancimat, Oxipres, gas chromatography and shelf-life estimations employing Peroxide Value, Anisidine Value, Hexanal or TBA Value.
  • Sensorial Analysis is employed when necessary with consumer panels.
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The complete range of Natural Antioxidants

Vitablend offers a wide range of proven application standard products and the experience to develop specific tailor-made systems for customers with exacting requirements. We develop our systems with high regard to cost-performance, targets, process considerationslocal regulations, and more. Our dedicated antioxidant R&D facilities enable us to perform extensive performance testing and provide shelf life estimations on al newly developed antioxidant systems. 

Active Compounds

Close up of a sunflower

Tocopherols and natural Vitamin E

  • Non-GM.
  • Non-allergen.
  • I.P. Soya or Sunflower origin options.
  • Powder and liquid variants.

Rosemary Extracts

  • Non-GM.
  • Non-allergen.
  • Reduced odor.
  • Water and oil soluble variants.
  • Powder and liquid variants.
Close up of orange slices

Vitamin-based solutions

  • Ascorbyl Palmitate.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Non-GM.
  • Powder and liquid variants.
  • Cost-effective synergy systems.
  • Oil and water dispersible.
Green tea leafs

Botanical extracts

  • Green Tea.
  • Botanical compounds.
  • Synergists systems with other natural compounds.
  • Powder and liquid variants.
  • Oil and water dispersion.

The complete range of traditional Antioxidants

Vitablend provides a comprehensive range of proven natural antioxidant systems with the experience to develop specific tailor-made systems for customers with exacting requirements. Systems are developed with high regard to cost-performance, targets, process considerations, local regulations, and more. Our dedicated antioxidant R&D facilities enable us to perform extensive performance testing and provide shelf-life estimations on all newly developed antioxidant systems.

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