Customized packing

From large bags to single-dose sachets and bottles

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Flexible packing, customized for your needs

Get your nutritional premixes and custom blends in a variety of packaging options, including pre-weighed small sachets that make batch addition processes straightforward.

Packed as you want it

different sizes of vitablend packaging. Bags and boxes.

Automated dry flow packing

Small bags with contents including 10kg, 15kg, 20kg or 20lbs, 30lbs, 50lbs, or big bags are filled in our automated flow packing line, only using gravity for the transport of the powder, and nitrogen for increased shelf-life. The packaging is done directly after the spray drying or milling. The labeling includes a barcode for gapless tracking and tracing.

scientists working in the vitablend lab

Agile, manual custom packing

Do your production process and storage situation demand single-dose small MAP sachets, e.g. filled with 475.3g or 14 3/16oz – so that your workers can use one sachet for one recipe without the need for weighing, making errors nearly impossible? We can do that for you in the most agile and flexible way: by hand, in our clean-room area. As we do not have to set up and clean machinery, manual labor has almost zero loss.

Small aluminium bottles on a production line

Various wet packing options

For liquid blends, we offer you the complete range, from 100ml bottles over to drums and up to IBCs.

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