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Precise Liquid Blending

Nutritional premixes are used to fortify human foods and ensure compliance to product label claims. In dry blending applications vitamins and carotenoids in encapsulated form are used. In liquid and particularly oily matrices it is a must vitamins and carotenoids to be in liquid form to achieve the best results. Our facilities and systems are designed to ensure the best result for you!


Liquid nutritional premixes are based on vitamins and carotenoids. As far as composition and ratio all is possible! Your premix request is managed and formulated in dedicated formulation systems and in each case, compositional and microbiological premix specifications are agreed upon.


Production of liquid nutritional premixes is performed at a dedicated medium care location to prevent allergenic cross contamination. All equipment and utilities are cleaned using documented and validated cleaning protocols in a separate cleaning area. Each manufactured batch is analysed for nutrient homogeneity.

Product packaging

From our dedicated blender we directly pack typically into 5L aluminium nitrogen flushed cans. These are packed into 4 x 5 kg carton boxes before palletisation and shipping. Other packaging formats are possible on customer request.

Integral processes, various batch sizes

Approved and positively released raw materials are dispensed according to strict weight tolerances on balances appropriate to the quantity prior to blending. Vitablend commercially supplies nutritional liquid premixes in 50kg to 400kg batches.

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