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Preserving the nutritional value, bioavailability, taste, and shelf life of ingredients, especially oils, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, is a complex task. Micro-encapsulation helps food companies in the application of these sensitive nutritional ingredients. We are specialized in producing micro-encapsulated ingredients in powder form for the food, baby food, and medical nutrition industry. Alongside encapsulated oil powders, we can also dry pre-biotic powders or pro-biotic powders. High protein level ingredients are also possible.

Your choice of ingredients

Fat globule Icon

Oil or fat globule


The carrier material


Proteins,minerals, vitamins Icon

Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins

Your choice of ingredients


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Depending on your application


The micro encapsulation process

wet blending Icon

1. Wet blending

A stabilized oil fat is created via wet blending and prepared as an oil in water emulsion.



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2. Spray drying

After pasteurization and homogenization, the emulsion is gently spray-dried.


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3. Encapsulation

The powder is processed with matrix materials and additives to obtain the final product.


Perfect results

Close up of Agglomerated powder

Agglomerated powder

50 – 250 µm. No ‘cracks’, free-flowing



close up of a Powder particle

Powder particle

5 – 100 µm. Excellent wetting and solubility properties


Close up of an oil droplet

Oil droplet

0,1 – 1 µm. Even encapsulation, low surface oil


Vitablend’s unique micro-encapsulation capabilities

different sizes of vitablend packaging. Bags and boxes.

Our flexible

  • Small batches, specialized in baby food.
  • High oil load powdered ingredients – up to 80% oil load.
  • Encapsulated nutritional oil powders.
  • Fat-soluble vitamin powders.
  • High-mineral protein mix powders
  • Colostrum / Immuno-globuline powders.
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Leading technology & processes

  • Multifunctional emulsion lines.
  • 25+ emulsion routes.
  • Latest technologies in spray-drying and encapsulation.
  • All our powdered ingredients are packed in a modified atmosphere (nitrogen).


  • Matrix materials: Carbohydrates, Glucose syrup, Lactose, Polyols, other ingredients.
  • Additives: Protein stabilizers, buffering/chelating agents, antioxidants, free-flowing aids, etc.

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