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Pharma-grade equipment for homogenous results

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Assured-quality dry blending

Our dry blending facilities in the Netherlands and Singapore have been approved by blue chip infant nutrition companies as suitable for the production of nutritional premixes for application in their highest risk products, which are infant formulas produced by dry blending with no subsequent heat treatment. Our dry blending facilities and procedures are designed to optimize nutritional premix nutritional integrity and hygiene. These standards are applied irrespective of the final application of the nutritional premix.

Dry blending as it should be

Clean room Corridor

Gentle clean-room production

All dispensing, blending, and packaging is performed in our highest hygiene zoned areas The use of water is minimized by campaigned production and dry cleaning procedures. Water cannot be completely avoided to control cross-contamination but it is well contained with CIP systems and on our smaller lines washing is carried out in a separate hygiene zone. As the product is packed, samples are collected using an autosampler, and every batch is analyzed for nutrient homogeneity. 

Hand scooping a bulk premix powder

Nutritional Premix Design

Invariably premixes are bespoke. We manage customer premix portfolios in excess of 100 recipes down to single premix requests. In each case, compositional, physical, and microbiological premix design specifications are agreed upon.

Vitablend has access to unique ingredients produced by spray drying to improve nutrient stability, homogeneity, and appearance in premixes.

Controlled atmosphere N2 Big bag packing

Product Packaging

From our tumble blenders, we directly pack into typically 20kg Al/PE/PET packs. From our larger fixed blending line, we can pack directly into FIBCs, which may be supplied as is or subsequently transferred to our vertical flow packer for repackaging into a variety of formats.

Operator using an I-pad

Integral processes, various batch sizes

Approved and released raw materials are dispensed according to strict weight tolerances on balances appropriate to the quantity prior to blending. Vitablend commercially supplies nutritional premixes in 100kg- 3,000kg batches from our tumble and fixed blenders.

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