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Gentle and flexible spray drying

To enrich dry or ‘instant’ food with vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace elements, and many more components, the nutrients need to be added in powdered form. We produce these powders from wet blends in our spray-drying facilities in the Netherlands and in the USA. To retain nutritional values, the spray-drying process we use is very gentle and ensures homogenous particle sizes, numbers, and distribution, but it is still fast and flexible for improved cost-in-use and short delivery times.

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Flexible spray drying for shorter time-to-market

Our processes are specially adjusted to efficiently and seamlessly produce even small batches. Short internal paths, well-trained staff, and excellent equipment allow the continuous production of a highly diverse portfolio. This flexibility allows you to order small amounts for test and niche markets so you have the chance to be ahead of the competition.

And in case that your market test becomes a bestseller, we can quickly also ramp up production.

The bottom half of Vitablend's Filtermat dryer

Gentle spray drying is better for precious ingredients

Liquids containing fats, oils, proteins, and carbohydrates are challenging to spray-dry and preserve the nutritional values of vitamins. That is why we use a FILTERMAT® spray dryer. Instead of rapidly drying the liquid in a large spray tower for 30 seconds, this technology has two stages: after the gentle spray-drying, the powder lands on a built-in conveyor belt, on which the powder is allowed to dry and cool down slowly, which helps protect the nutrients. The result are powders with homogenous particle sizes, particle numbers, and particle distribution.


In-house lab and quality control for faster results

In our own lab, we control and document the quality of every batch of spray-dried blends. We also analyze the content of, for example, vitamins in the powder, to ensure correct labeling. Unlike many external labs, our lab is specially equipped for the exact analysis of concentrated premixes composed of many ingredients.

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The bottom half of Vitablend's Filtermat dryer


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