Isotonic beverages with perfect osmolarity

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09 February 2021

Isotonic beverages with perfect osmolarity

A customized antioxidant system to increase shelf life by 50% for a specific oil blend. 
Vitablend offers advice on how to develop isotonic beverages not only by choice of mineral electrolytes but also by suggesting the use of specific carbohydrates in the finished product.

Customer need:
To develop a beverage fulfilling a specific vitamin and mineral nutrient profile whilst also ensuring the finished product is “isotonic” to enhance hydration properties.

Vitablend developed a great tasting vitamin and mineral blend that successfully fulfilled the required nutrient profile and osmolarity to fulfill customer requirements.

The uniqueness of the solution:
Special care needed to be taken with this formulation to ensure that the right minerals were chosen to fulfil osmolarity requirements to enable the isotonic claim. This was not just a matter of advising on the nutrient premix alone but also the sugar and other carbohydrates used to ensure the correct balance was achieved.