Making BHA easier to use

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10 February 2021

Making BHA easier to use

BHA tablets in pre-weighed dissolvable bags for a specific chewing gum customer.

BHA is a powerful antioxidant but because of its low melting point, it tends to harden on storage. Vitablend offers alternative approaches to improve the handle-ability of BHA.

Customer need:
BHA is a potent and well-established antioxidant. One of the issues with BHA is that it is a low melting point solid so on delivery it can tend to set into unmanageable rock-hard cakes.

Tailor-made solution Vitablend:
Vitablend can offer a number of approaches to improving the handle-ability of BHA. These include packaging in cartons instead of boxes, pre-formulation into a ready to dose oil, milling with silica to enhance flowability for dry blend applications or formation into tablets to prevent caking.

Vitablend supplies a specific chewing gum customer with BHA tablets in pre-weighed dissolvable bags so no weighing or manipulation is necessary by operators other than including a bag that may be simply added to the base mix.

The uniqueness of the solution:
The cost and effort of manipulation and handling of BHA by the customer were reduced whilst reducing the exposure of operators to large amounts of BHA.