We aim to meet the triple challenge of cost-in-use, efficacy, and naturalness.

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High-performance antioxidants for aquaculture and fish meal

Prevention of oxidation in aquaculture feeds is a priority quality issue, irreversibly altering the quality of feed, causing a reduction in the nutritional quality and the loss of expensive carotenoid pigment when used.

After the cessation of Ethoxyquin use by EFSA, effective and efficient antioxidant alternatives were in high demand. Vitablend designs effective natural and synthetic antioxidant systems with a strong consideration to cost-in-use, creating proven and viable options for the replacement of ethoxyquin.

Aquaculture Solution Highlights

Cost effective Ethoxyquin replacement


Vitablend’s synthetic Vita-PET BT or Vital-OX can offer a higher protection factor to that of Ethoxyquin at a surprisingly modest impact on cost. Containing an optimized, synergistic ratio of BHA and BHT, Vita Pet BT is designed to perform as a cost-effective Ethoxyquin replacement.

In accelerated analytical testing, Vita-PET BT, dosed with 100 ppm of net actives offered 5.49 hours of protection, whilst 96 ppm Ethoxyquin offered only 1.73 hours, compared to the control group with no antioxidants. This long-lasting protection creates opportunities for optimized feeding strategies, and potentially reducing overall cost!

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delivering 0% Salmonella survival rate


Vitablend FormiCure: a synergistic blend of volatile fatty acids and their salts that controls Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter, and other spoilage microorganisms in feed.

In an independent trial, a Vitablend FormiCure at a dose rate of 12 L/MT eliminated 100% salmonella within 72h in a heavily contaminated fish meal. Standard dosing: 1-4 kg/MT. Available as a liquid and as a granular formulation.

Natural. Organic. Flexible


Aquapet UF and the Toco-PET IP range give you all the versatility of organically compliant natural mixed tocopherols and powerful antioxidant capacity. Also available with synergistic rosemary.

Natural mixed Tocopherol content from 5% to 30% with Rapeseed oil or Sunflower oil carriers for liquids and a range in powder formats.

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