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Antioxidants in feed premixes

Maintaining the nutritional composition of feed premixes requires special attention. Antioxidants have a vital role in preserving the nutritional and compositional components within a feed premix – aiding and preserving the health and well-being of animals. Vitablend has over 20 years of expertise in natural and traditional antioxidant systems for feed products and premixes.

Feed fats Solution Highlights

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Maximum cost-efficiency


All our antioxidant systems are designed for maximum cost-efficiency by utilizing high levels of actives or through powerful synergies between certain antioxidant compounds.

Species-specific, for optimal performance


Carefully individually tailored antioxidant systems for specific nutritional needs for e.g., pet foods, equine, aquaculture, and compound feed, as well as for the specific premix process.


Antioxidant: powder systems


Ask for powder systems with carriers such as Silica or Calcium carbonate that retain a good homogenous feed premix. Wisely engineered to ensure maximum compatibility in the feed premix.

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Antioxidants: liquid formats


Our antioxidant systems in liquid formats use carriers such as Rapeseed oil or Sunflower oil, carefully selected to deliver the best performance in the production process and final application.

Choose Vitablend


We recommend the most suitable antioxidant so that you can make the most economically suitable selection.


Liquid or powder application? Traditional or natural classification? Special demands? We find a way.

Analytical support

We call it ‘Vit-Assurance’. We deliver the assurance to maintain a complete nutritional composition in a premix.

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Discover our Antioxidant systems for Feed premixes

Traditional synthetic

Antioxidant compounds used for feed premixes.

  • BHA – authorized for all species (except cats).
  • BHT – authorized for all species.
  • Propyl Gallate – authorized for all species.
  • Ascorbyl palmitate – authorized for all species.

Natural and vitamin-based antioxidants

For clean label or organic feed premixes.

  • Natural Tocopherols, non-GM. Can be used in Organic feed systems.
  • Rosemary extracts – low odor.
  • Plant botanicals – e.g., Green Tea (low caffeine), Gallates, and other natural compounds.
  • Vitamin E – natural and synthetic.
  • Vitamin C.

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