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Improve nutritional quality with fortification and antioxidants

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Oven-hot ideas for fortification and protection

Cereals, bread, and pastry are global staple foods and, therefore, are ideal carriers for additional vitamins and minerals. However, a significant proportion of the vitamins and Iron found in the original whole grain is lost in processing, especially after baking. We offer fortification solutions for every market area, from compulsory, country-specific blends up to innovation in premium segments. Another important part is taste: Our natural and phenolic antioxidants slow down the oxidation process in bakery fats.

Cereals & Bakery Solutions Highlights

Restore nutrients in bread


Processing whole grains, storing flour, and finally creating baked goods reduces the number of micronutrients originally present. We create premixes that restore the nutrients, based on and tested for your application – including the right Iron compounds, such as Ferrous fumarate.

The selection of the right Iron compound for bakery products can avoid stability and shelf-life problems. A compromise needs to be made between bioavailability, cost, and reactivity.

  • Ferrous fumarate is a good choice because it has a bioavailability similar to that of Ferrous sulphate. It is insoluble in water and therefore, causes fewer organoleptic problems. However, it is typically more costly than ferrous sulfate.
  • Elemental iron powders are suitable when Ferrous sulphate and Ferrous fumarate cause unacceptable changes in the flour.
  • Electrolytic iron is preferable over reduced iron, because of its higher bioavailability, but it is still half as bio-available as Ferrous sulphate.
Plate with small pancakes with berries

Anti-ageing pancakes with
Vitamins and Omega 3


With Vitablend’s Multivitamin Premix you can use a rich source of nutrients like Vitamins and Omega 3 to fortify well-loved foods, for example for the elderly –fighting malnutrition and contributing to a healthy life.


Close up of a tray of pastries

Keep bakery products


Fats bring taste and texture to bakery products but are susceptible to oxidation. Natural and phenolic bakery antioxidant solutions from Vitablend counteract these effects, keeping sweet breads, cakes, pastry, etc. delicious over a long time.

bowl of cornflakes and fruit

Government-mandated fortification


In many countries, government regulations are in place for the fortification of e.g., wheat flour in order to address specific deficiencies. We are a GPF-approved Premix Blender and create micronutrient blends containing for example Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B9, B12, Folic acid, Iron, and Zinc.

bowl of cereals

Custom systems for each of your cereals


Breakfast cereals are an ideal food for adding nutrients to the diet. We create custom, single-dose nutritional premixes for each of your products for simplified production processes at your facilities. In the development process, we carefully check the nutritional values after production and storage.

Close up of extruded cereals

Longer shelf-life for cereals


Extruded cereals can contain a high level of naturally present antioxidants. however, during production and storage, they are prone to oxidation, leading to a reduction in vitamin integrity, as well as shelf-life, and taste. Our antioxidants fight oxidation.

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All regulations met

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Fast development

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Custom packing

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Discover our ingredient systems for Cereals & Bakery

Nutritional systems

Fortification for bakery products

  • Vitamins, including Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12.
  • Sources of Iron, like Ferrous fumarate, and elemental Iron.
  • Minerals, such as Zinc.

Antioxidant systems

Protection for Bakery products

  • Natural systems based on e.g., Tocopherols, Rosemary, Ascorbyl palmitate, Citric acid.
  • Phenolic solutions based on BHA, BHT, or TBHQ.

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