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Real treats with added value

Everyone loves confectionery, especially children. So, it is a perfect platform for adding fortification. Take, for example, multivitamin gummies that are presented as a sweet indulgence. Specially formulated combinations of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, or amino acids can be developed for specific target groups, or to support a healthy lifestyle. We have the know-how and a solid global track-record to successfully develop and produce premixes for great-tasting fortified confectionery for you. In addition, we also offer antioxidants, which are used in chewing gum bases, for example – traditional, natural, or hybrid.

Confectionery Solutions Highlights

star shaped gummy candy in a glass jar

Tasty multivitamin gummies


Enriching gummies with, for instance, 10 vitamins and additional minerals, is a true challenge: The taste needs to be fantastic, and the level of all vitamins has to be appropriate.

We make it happen, and we also ensure excellent affordability of your final product.

Colorful Fruity Gummy Bears in a bowl

Functional gummies for your target group


Gummies with Omega 3 / DHA for children or adults, with Vitamin D3 + Calcium for children or adults, with BCAAs for the muscles, with CLAs for weight management…

Define your target group or your functional goal, and we develop and produce custom premixes for you.

Teenager popping pink chewing gum

Keep the 'chew' in chewing gum


Gum base contains a number of ingredients such as oils, unsaturated elastomers, and plasticizers, which are all subject to oxidation during the gum’s shelf-life. We offer traditional synthetic antioxidants, such as BHA and BHT, or natural cost-effective antioxidant systems based on Rosemary and Tocopherol extracts. All systems can be used for addition to your process either in dry form or liquid.

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We can produce your entire recipe catalog of tailor-made premixes in all quantities.

Conformity tests

The actual levels of ingredients are measured in Vitablend’s own laboratory.

Custom packing

From sachets to big bags: We dose and pack our products to meet your specific needs.

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Discover our ingredient systems for Confectionery

Nutritional systems

Fortification for confectionery

  • All Vitamins.
  • Minerals.
  • Fatty acids like Omega 3 / DHA, Omega 6 – also from vegan-friendly sources.
  • (Branched-chain) Amino acids.
  • Phytosterols.
  • Single ingredients or ready-to-use premixes, perfectly blended.

Antioxidant systems

Protection for confectionery

  • Traditional antioxidants such as BHA and BHT.
  • Natural antioxidants, such as Rosemary extract, Vitamin E, and Tocopherol extract.
  • Cost-effective hybrid systems that employ natural and semi-natural systems.

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