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Keep savory products mouth-watering

Preserving the freshness of snack foods, baked goods, mayonnaise, and many other savory products is a challenge, like the taste, color, production processes, and desired shelf-life are equally important. Vitablend offers a wide range of cost-effective single or synergistic natural and traditional antioxidant systems, which are often applied to the dough, to the mixing process, and/or to the frying oil. We carefully consider both the application and the production process and guide you to the most economic and beneficial treatment for a superior shelf-life retention – and great taste.

Savoury Solutions Highlights

potato chips with dip

In fried foods,
it’s about the
frying oil


Potato chips, croutons, crumb coatings, and many other fried foods benefit from an enhanced shelf-life with the careful selection of cost-effective, and targeted antioxidant systems to the frying oil. Vitablend’s solutions, either natural or synthetic, extend the frying cycles of the frying oil, minimize waste and costs, and promote the carry-over of the antioxidant properties to the fried food and improving the shelf-life of fried foods significantly.

Dry Potato Flakes in a Bowl

Longer shelf-life for dehydrated
potato flakes


Potatoes contain unsaturated fatty acids, which are susceptible to oxidation during the high-temperature processing steps of potato flake production. Oxidation in the stored potato flakes leads to further off-flavors.

We can guide you through all steps of the cost-beneficial addition of antioxidants in the production of potato flakes to increase the flakes’ shelf-life.

cup of mayonaise

Longer shelf-life for mayonnaise
and sauces


Sauces and dressings contain oxidation-sensitive fats and oxidation of these fats can limit the flavor and negatively affect the color. Traditional methods of preservation such as BHA, BHT, and EDTA can be an economic choice but works against clean label consumer demand. Vitablend offers traditional systems and new consumer-friendly natural antioxidant systems to help tailor your shelf-life needs.

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Discover our ingredient systems for Savoury

Nutritional systems

Fortification for frying fats & oils.

  • Fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamins A & D, E, and K
  • Water-soluble vitamin E (Tocopherol and acetates), from IP soy
  • Beta-carotene
  • Phytosterols

Antioxidant systems

Natural, traditional, synergistic.

  • Selection and dosage customized for your desired results, your production process, and cost-in-use.
  • Natural antioxidants, like Rosemary extract.
  • Traditional systems, such as high-temperature-stable TBHQ.
  • Synergistic cost-effective systems, using antioxidants and synergists.

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