Rendering and protein meal

Avoid oxidation right at the protein source.

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Pre- and post-cook antioxidants for rendering

Dry proteins derived from a rendering process, for example Fish meal or Poultry meal, are prone to oxidation which starts early in the process due to factors such as heat and mechanical action and the condition of the raw material.

To manufacture a high quality dry feed, protection from this oxidation needs to start as early in the process as possible. Vitablend offers the correct and proven antioxidant systems for pre-and post-cook addition, or via an optimized combination of both. Treatment can be based on traditional antioxidants such as BHA, BHT and Propyl gallate or, via natural systems , such as natural mixed Tocopherol and Rosemary extracts as well as our new cost effective hybrid systems Pet Safe.

Whatever your system of choice we can help to evaluate via our Vit-Assurance analytical support.

Rendering and protein meal Solution Highlights

Ultra-low Peroxide value in Poultry meal


Keeping the Peroxide value in Turkey meal at bay, over 24 weeks? Vitablend offers synthetic and natural options!
Turkey meal stability test: Peroxide value after week 24, ambient storage

  • Untreated: 12 (control)
  • Vitablend Pet Safe: 4, 1850 ppm: <1 (Natural, free from BHA and BHT, yet cost-effective.)
  • Vitablend Toco-PET IP, 1400 ppm: 4. (Natural formulated mixed tocopherols. Identity Preserved, non-GM.)
  • Vitablend Vital-OX 55, 200 ppm: 1. (BHA and BHT)
Vitablend's lab with view on a scale and beakers
Close up of fat

Antioxidants for
Poultry fat


Our recommendation: Vital-OX 20 (BHA & BHT), dosed with either 350 ppm (pre- and post-cook) or 600-700 ppm post-cook only.

close up of a scoop of brown protein powder

Antioxidants for
Feather meal


Our recommendation: Vital-OX 20 (BHA & BHT), dosed with 700-1000 ppm post-cook only. We determine the perfect dosing level for your specific process.

A bowl of white lard

for Tallow


Our recommendation: Vital-OX 20 with an optimized ratio of BHA/BHT, dosed post-cook at 250 ppm. This offers the best balance between performance and cost.

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Dosing pre-cook? Post-cook? A combination of both? We find the perfect solution for your application.

Calibration & Dosing

The Vitablend technical support specialists calibrate your pumps and antioxidant dosing systems.

Quality analysis

We offer full meal and fat/oil quality analysis to optimize dose rates to achieve the desired shelf life.

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